Blanket Bandit

Louis has a daily routine that involves one of his many blankets. He usually does this straight after his midday meal.

Louis the blanket bandit
Louis the blanket bandit

As you can see it involves grabbing his blue blanket (courtesy of KLM – many thanks!) and running off with it. He tries to hide it and won’t hand it back. Now that Spring is here he’s taking the opportunity to enlarge the playing field by looking for a blanket hiding place in the back garden.

1 thought on “Blanket Bandit”

  1. Hiya Louis – Nice to find your blog! You are funny hiding the blanket in the garden. I prefer to have a snooze on a blanket (only the bestest-softest one that is my human’s favourite, obviously!) Maybe I should hide it in the garden so that it can get a nice outdoor earthy smell with a bit of compost marinade…mmmmm…good idea. Catch you later fellow Ridgie- greetings from France. Zola x


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