Blanket Bandit

Louis has a daily routine that involves one of his many blankets. He usually does this straight after his midday meal. As you can see it involves grabbing his blue blanket (courtesy of KLM – many thanks!) and running off with it. He tries to hide it and won’t hand it back. Now that Spring … Read more

Serving Hatch Hound

Our new home has a particularly seventies “Good Life” feature with a serving hatch from the kitchen through to the lounge/dining room. Here’s a view from the kitchen as Sue gets close to finishing the Sunday roast:- I’m focussed on the camera; Louis is totally focussed on the bowl of baked bread that is out … Read more

The Crufts Effect

I would imagine that we’re not the first to make this observation. We’ve seen this ever since we got Louis but have only just got round to blogging it. Quite simply the number of dogs you see being walked must double during the Crufts dog show. We take Louis down the valley every weekend come … Read more

Bisto Kid

Louis has supreme smelling powers when it comes down to knowing when to make an appearance in the kitchen, especially the Sunday roast. You can open the oven door many times during the cooking process but he won’t leave the sofa until he knows it’s ready – why waste valuable mooching time? Here’s a good … Read more