Home Messy Home

There’s a lot going on in Louis’ domain these last few weeks (which go someway to explain the lack of blogging). We’ve started on the mods to the house that involve converting all the loft area into liveable space as well as extending the kitchen and a re-arrangement of the bathroom. As such the house … Read more

Lager, lager, lager

Sid has sent in his annual photo of him enjoying a small beer whilst he was on his holiday in Adelaide with Sue and Amaya. As you’ll see he’s off the Guinness again but he’s followed the “size matters” tenet.

Belated Xmas Pose

We’re waiting for the annual Sid’s holiday pose with a Guinness from his holiday in Adelaide so, instead, we’ll post a late picture of Louis posing in front of the Christmas tree. We got a card from Sharon this Xmas of her Codee wearing a Santa hat so we decided to replicate this with Louis … Read more