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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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25 Dec

Merry Christmas

Louis is definitely getting softer. (He’s 7 in two days time.) Getting him to sit whilst sticking a hat on him used to be nigh on impossible. The last blog involved bribery but this morning he was more than happy to wear his Santa hat. Maybe he’s sussed out today is a special day for his bipeds so he’s playing the long game.



Post edit – we’ve had our delicious Xmas dinner which Louis was very helpful with. He got three lots of leftovers followed by a brisk walk around the block. As soon as we got home he deposited his Kong toy at my feet with his “Fill this now, my biped!” look. It might be a special day for us but for Louis it’s business as usual.

16 Dec

Santa’s Little Helper

Louis has been helping whilst we have been wrapping presents and decorating the house for Christmas. Here’s Louis as one of Santa’s little helpers. Getting Louis to sit whilst wearing a Santa hat was not as easy as it looks.


19 Nov

Texas Holdem

I’ve been away for a week at our factory in China. It’s in Suzhou, a couple of hours drive from Shanghai where we flew in to. I spent quite a few years in China during my commissioning days but it’s exactly 20 years since I was last in Shanghai and around 17 years since anywhere else in China.

Everything I’ve read about China says how much the place has changed. They are not lying.

Anyway – my mate Pete from Houston was over there too. He’d brought along a couple of presents for Louis along with him. As he lives in Texas all dog treats are massive:-

Louis and his Texan treat

When we first gave him the treat there was a lot of sniffing of it followed by a huge jump backwards and a couple of 360 degree spins. Louis must have had a nasal sensory overload. He didn’t start work on it for ages.

Once he started on the rawhide chew he kept it in place with one of his paws:-

Louis keeping his Texan treat in place

You can see that Louis is one happy hound.

Louis says a big thank you to Pete and Sonia.

26 Oct

Waaah – it’s Friday!!!

Louis loves weekends as much as we do. He thinks it’s the time to make sure we know he’s around.

Here he is getting in the way of me doing my crossword puzzle.

Louis' turn to read the paper.

Louis’ turn to read the paper.

I’m taking the opportunity to sniff the hound; to me he smells like a good furniture polish mixed with damp hound. Very nice. I’m not sure that’s a natural hound smell; maybe Sue confuses him with furniture – after all he’s welded to the sofa most of the day.