Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I’ve had very little free time recently to try and catch Louis doing anything other than pester for food or sleep. Sue’s had me busy working on the house and we now have a proper fire door between the garage and the house rather than a door with a sheet of asbestos screwed to it. … Read more

Basket Case

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently; there’s been lots to do in and around the house. Coupled with this I had to make a trip to Korea and then our head office in Hiroshima. The Korean trip was back to Daejeon where I was earlier this year. I was away for … Read more

All The World’s A Stage

It’s firework time of the year over here in the UK. Louis has been consistent in his approach to fireworks ever since he was a pup. If he’s out walking and a firework goes off nearby then he doesn’t bat an eyelid. If he’s in the house then it’s a different kettle of fish. Every … Read more

Sleeping Beauty

There’s definitely one huge drawback to owning a bungalow that didn’t cross our minds when we moved. Louis now has an “Access All Areas” mindset such that he keeps pushing his way into our bedroom around 3 in the morning. Sue thinks he needs to water the lawn so gets up to let him out … Read more