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06 Dec

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I’ve had very little free time recently to try and catch Louis doing anything other than pester for food or sleep. Sue’s had me busy working on the house and we now have a proper fire door between the garage and the house rather than a door with a sheet of asbestos screwed to it.

In addition to that I’ve spent days under the floorboards insulating all the water pipes. There’s not a lot of height down there (ranging from 6 brick courses down to 4 at the lowest). When you allow for the water pipes themselves then there’s very little room to manouvre. I’m not good at all in confined spaces but have discovered that if I just get on with the job in hand then I’m not too bad. If I stop to think then I end up going all Charles Bronson towards the end of The Great Escape.

Anyway – much to Sue’s relief – I’ve nearly done that job so she doesn’t have to dust daily.

Due to all this work I have neglected my furry buddy and I’ve resolved to play some more with him. After finishing my jobs for the evening I thought I would get his Kong toy and play tug of war with him.

This is what I found when I went looking for him:-

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I decided to leave him be and I’ll pester him tomorrow.

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