Basket Case

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently; there’s been lots to do in and around the house. Coupled with this I had to make a trip to Korea and then our head office in Hiroshima. The Korean trip was back to Daejeon where I was earlier this year.

I was away for a week in total and it was great to get back home (I enjoyed my trip – I got a chance to catch up with some of my mates from around the world but there’s no place like home). As the taxi pulled up outside the house I could see Louis sat looking out of the front window. Sue had “told” him that I was coming home and he refused to move from that spot until I got back.

As usual he went a tad mental when I got through the door but after an hour or so of being followed around the house to make sure I wasn’t going to disappear again then he settled down to get some kip. His pack was intact again so his job was done and he could relax. Here he is:-

Louis In "I can sleep anywhere" Mode
Who needs a pillow?

I don’t know how he can sleep in such a position with his head sticking out over his basket but he seems to have no problem. The basket is plenty big enough for him to get his head down on his blanket but sometimes he ends up in this position. To be honest he spends more time asleep on one of his sofas than in his basket and Sue is to blame for this. Louis knows that sofas must be better than baskets in the same way he knows that what is on our dinner plates is better than what’s in his food bowl. As I type this Sue is snoozing on one sofa and Louis is on the other whilst I’m on the floor. Something not quite right with this scene…..

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