All The World’s A Stage

It’s firework time of the year over here in the UK. Louis has been consistent in his approach to fireworks ever since he was a pup. If he’s out walking and a firework goes off nearby then he doesn’t bat an eyelid.

If he’s in the house then it’s a different kettle of fish. Every firework is a direct assault on his own precinct 13 which he is in charge of.

It’s now just after 9pm on the 4th November and it’s quietened down now (tomorrow will be the worst night). Louis is now asleep on “his” sofa. In amongst all his patrolling tonight to defend us from the fireworks we finally managed to catch him as he appears from behind the curtains. Here he is:-

Can You See Me Now
Can You See Me Now

Fingers crossed there will be no more fireworks tonight so we can all enjoy a good night’s kip.

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