All The World’s A Stage

Louis doesn’t appreciate being kicked off his sofa and having to slum it in one of his two dog baskets that live at either end of the lounge/dining room. There’s curtains between the two rooms which we close at night. Louis slopes off quite often to his dining room bed; gets his head down for a few minutes and then makes a re-appearance; sticking his head through the curtains.

It is funny to see this and we’ve tried to capture this on film but Louis senses the moment you are about to release the camera shutter and you end up with frame after frame of Louis’ backend; usually just his tail.

We got close with this one:-

Curtain Call
Curtain Call

We’ll persevere until we get the right shot; it involve Louis’ head just poking through the gap in the curtain, with his head tilted at a slight angle along with a puzzled look.

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