San Antonio

I’m back home after a trip to San Antonio sandwiched between a few days either side staying with my mate Pete in Houston.

Sue & I had a few days in San Antonio about ten years ago whilst on holiday and enjoyed it. This time around there was a few more beers involved plus work.

I’ve got some piccies from Houston including a new furry friend of mine named Belle that I’ll post shortly but I thought I’d pop a picture on of the riverwalk. Our hotel was off the main leg of the riverwalk but just 5 minutes from all the bars. I don’t have any pictures from the bar visits due to the loss of hand coordination for functions other than bottle-mouth related activities.

San Antonio Riverwalk
San Antonio Riverwalk

Every trip to Houston involves a visit to a pet supermarket to get some goodies for Louis. This time he got two tug toys, one quacking duck and a huge bag of barbecue flavoured chicken strips. He likes those.

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