Memory Lane

After a hard day’s work I arrived home today to find both sofas occupied with England’s finest proponents of the art of the afternoon nap. Sue had called me earlier to say that dinner tonight would be pasta & tuna so I checked out the kitchen to see that I had another job to do; make dinner. Sue is very helpful with menu suggestions.

I set to work and opened a couple of tins of tuna with the magic tin opener and then it struck me…’s almost two years since Smudge went to Rainbow Bridge. You’ll be wondering why this made me think of Smudge. Well, when we got Smudge we fed her tinned cat food for a while at first and she quickly associated the sound of the tin opener with food. All you had to do was set the tin opener motor off and you would quickly hear Smudge miaowing her way to the kitchen to check out what was on offer. We moved to dry food early on but the tin opener brought out a Pavlovian response for the rest of her time with us.

That memory prompted me to go take a look at some old photos of our white furball. Here’s one from when we got Louis but Smudge thought that the new doggie bed was a luxury cat nap zone.

Cat in a basket
Cat in a basket

Sleep well Smudge.

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