I thought I’d invented a new word today.


Sue and I were walking Louis and (secretly) enjoying the fact that a dog walking past a house with a dog in sniffing range always results in the house dog barking. We walked past a house with two dogs watching the world go by and Sue commented that these two were very well behaved for their male biped but naughty with their female biped.

I replied that I thought Louis was equally disposed to Sue or me as far as obedience goes (but he loves Sue more I’m sure) and I said that meant he was ambidogtrous.

Google burst my bubble though – I checked the word out and got just three hits but they reference whether a dog favours its left or right front paw; makes sense to me.

I then took this photo of hound-boy and decided I had another new verb. Paws; not to paw or to pause but a combination of the two.

Louis Pawsing
Louis Pawsing

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