Snow Patrol

Winter arrived early again this year with lots of snow and freezing overnight temperatures.

Louis is turning into a clone of Sue with a desire to sleep in late in the morning. When I get up for work these days and come downstairs he tries his best to shrink into the sofa and become invisible as he must be thinking “that lunatic wants to go out for a walk in the dark and the cold”.

Mind you, he still has to maintain order and discipline and patrol the borders – here’s a piccie of Louis returning to base after a perimeter patrol.

Snow Patrol
Louis on snow patrol

Last night was really cold so we supplemented the central heating by turning on the gas fire in the lounge et voilĂ , Louis turned into a fire hound. He dragged his blanket over to the fireside and then settled down to absorb all that heat.

1 thought on “Snow Patrol”

  1. Love Louis’s diary. So many of his habits, mannerisms, behaviour etc are so similar to my three year old RR Choma. The moulding of my- new 2 months ago, DFS leather Sofas by Choma to tailor them to his exact shape and ensure noone else wants to sit on them is definitely an RR trait! Also the total deafness and oblivion to all commands when there is the slightest hint of moisture outside, especially last thing at night when I naively think Cho’s bladder retention is the same as mine-ie about 6hrs max not realising he holds the world record of over 20hrs during adverse weather conditions. And the leaping up to starangers to say hello when you, the trainer/servant, think this habit has stopped! He only selects females in pristine dress, who are terrified of any dog but especially big ones with very muddy paws. But he makes me laugh frequently and as Sue the breeder warned me. If you don’t train him he’ll train you! We share the role of trainer but Cho probably has the edge. And I love him dearly!


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