More Sofa Loafin’

Louis has spent the last 5 years moulding the sofas to suit his needs. We’ve given up on ever having sofas that visitors won’t grimace at when they have to sit down. We’ve tried sofa throws but Louis just powers through them and makes sure any mud he brings in gets on the throws and the sofas in equal portions.

He has a routine for which sofa is to be used and when. First thing in the morning after his walk it’s my sofa so he can sit up on it and watch the world go to work and school through the window. If it’s serious, uninterrupted snoozing that he’s scheduled then it’s Sue’s sofa that is used (there’s a common theme of serious snoozing on that sofa, human and canine).

If he can’t get on the snoozin’ sofa then, as second best, mine will do so here he is in action:-

Louis the sofa loafer part 1
Another hard day keeping lions out of the back garden.

A close up of the above shot reveals how Louis has fully morphed into being part of the sofa:-

Louis the sofa loafer part 2
Louis at one with the sofa.

As I’m typing this both sofas are in use and Louis is on the floor, waiting……waiting for one of his sofas to become available.

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