Prisoner Codee

We used to use a baby gate to keep Louis from climbing up the stairs – we felt that would be too risky for an “act now, think never” kind of dog that Louis is when combined with a staircase with no carpet.

After a while he became conditioned to the idea of not going up the stairs so we took the gate down. If we go upstairs now you end up with a doleful looking dog at the bottom step.

Codee, however, has destroyed the gate that Sharon & Darren had put up to keep her in the kitchen (or out of it, I’m not sure) when they were out. So, waste not, want not the baby (puppy) gate has been passed on.

I told Sharon that when the gate went in she should have her camera ready as I reckoned Codee would give her “a look”. She wasn’t disappointed…

Codee behind bars
What did I do wrong?

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