Doctor Louis

Sometimes play with Louis gets a bit boisterous. That’s the way we like to play. As a consequence I suffer a few scrapes due to Louis’ paws. There’s never any malicious intent; he’s always after the toy.

Interestingly it’s always Louis that stops the play as he senses if he’s scratched me. He then does his impersonation of the doctor that rebuilt the six million dollar man as he tries to repair me by licking my wounds. It’s not a cursory few repair licks; he carries on and on until he’s told to stop.

Louis repairing Andy.
We can rebuild him

After a hard time repairing me Louis had to take a break. Here he is sharing the master sofa with Sue…

Get orfffff my sofa!
Nice pillows, fnarr fnarr.

After sharing the sofa it was time for Louis’ “the weekend starts here” pizza courtesy of Sharon, Darren and Codee. The other day at work I found a cling-filmed package of two slices of what looked like a chocolate tart. I was just about to take a bite when Sharon indicated across the office that that would not be a good idea. Turns out the chocolate tart was doggie-pizza for Louis.

Here’s Louis waiting for the pizza delivery boy – me:-

Louis' pizza
Louis-gi's pizza (excuse the Italian play on names)

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