Evening routine

Well the phone blogging software seems to work so rather than wittering on about that I thought I’d describe what it’s like coming home to a waiting hound.
Usually the other two members of this household are napping when I get back but at least Louis has the decency to wake up, get up and say Hi.
As I turn off the engine his face appears at the window and you can see his tail going which sets off a rear end shimmy. I assume this means he’s pleased to see me!
When I get through the door he makes sure my face is clean and then he races off to find a toy. All the dog training programmes and books say you should ignore your dog. I can see where they are coming from but I like the way we behave; I’m sure Louis does too.

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  1. oh, I just love dogs. I had a dog that sat in the window all day long–a lab. A chlcooate lab. He just loved the sun. And he would sit behind the curtain just like Millie does. That picture reminds me of him. Miss him.Love your pictures, and your commentary at the end!


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