New rules in the house

We have been suffering from excessive “you never feed me” faces from Louis whilst we sit at the table; see Kitchen Design Flaw, plus we’ve got a health and safety issue with the floods of dribble posing a slippage danger. As such we have changed the rules. We now put his bed by the kitchen … Read more

Wet wet wet

Well poor Louis has seen his fair share of rain this week. He refused an afternoon walk, I think it’s because I usually put a raincoat on him which alerts him to the fact it’s pretty dismal outside. I’m off on the annual girlie shopping trip to York next week so Andy is in full … Read more

Evening routine

Well the phone blogging software seems to work so rather than wittering on about that I thought I’d describe what it’s like coming home to a waiting hound. Usually the other two members of this household are napping when I get back but at least Louis has the decency to wake up, get up and … Read more

Well, now it’s my turn

I’m trying some other software to see if it’s easier to post a blog entry rather than use the phone’s web browser. This is wordmobi. Only problem so far is that the page goes to pot when you go to landscape mode. Louis is asleep and Suzy continues to pester me with questions about the … Read more