Barking Mad

Louis has recently extended his territorial boundaries surrounding the house to the airspace above it. He’s always viewed birds and squirrels in the trees as trespassers but the last week or so he’s expanded this zone from about 50 feet to about 5,000.

This is partly down to a subtle change in the weather (Autumn is upon us) and the prevailing wind direction which has resulted in the planes from Mancheter Airport taking off over our way.

If he’s outside and a plane goes over he gives it a warning bark and stares at it until it’s out of sight.

We’re not sure why he’s started doing this. I have a theory though. I think he thinks he’s a plane. On my last trip to the US I bought him a new flashing light collar for his early morning walks. This has two bright flashing red lights on it and, in the dark down in the valley, they look like aircraft wingtip navigation lights. Actually I have another theory; he’s just daft.

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