The only way to fly

Every now and again there’s a pleasant surprise whilst I travel. Usually surprises are unpleasant – delays, lost luggage, cramped space etc. However this time we were upgraded to Business Class on the ANA leg from Narita through to Heathrow. The service in ANA Economy is very good anyway but it’s something special when you’re further forward in the plane.

There’s plenty of legroom, a seat that fully reclines plus a funky lumbar back massager. The food was excellent and the drinks service spot on. The movies are the same as everyone else but you get a bigger screen and better headphones.

I took the opportunity to cram in a few movies. Here’s a shot of my screen along with my glass of vino. The movie is Australia and the guy in the shot is my cousin Eddie Baroo who played the character Bull. I hadn’t seen the movie before. He plays a bit of a baddie – constantly getting thumped by Hugh Jackman.

Cousin Eddie in the movie Australia
Cousin Eddie in the movie Australia

I also got to see Quantum Of Solace, Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button plus Seven Pounds. They switched the service off on the last movie so I need to find out the ending. It winds Sue up that I watch so many movies as it saves on cinema tickets here! My argument is that I will tell her the plot of a movie in the few minutes that we walk down Storyville.

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