Can’t do enough for a good company…

It’s Easter Sunday, glorious weather for a holiday change and what am I doing? Folding shirts and packing my case as I’m off to Japan for our yearly design review meetings and a week of my feet dangling over the end of the bed.

It’s a relatively late flight out from Manchester; around 3pm and then off to the dreaded Heathrow for another few hours of waiting. After that it’s a 12 hour flight to Tokyo, then another wait followed by a flight to Hiroshima. I’ll leave the house just after midday and will get in the hotel around 9pm tomorrow night.

I travel back Saturday and will get home the same day for a change, albeit around ten at night. So I will lose Easter Sunday (and the second biggest meal event of the year round at Sue’s ma’s), Bank Holiday Monday plus next Saturday.

Louis is lying on the sofa looking at me – he’s seen the bags and knows something is happening. He’ll keep Sue busy whilst I’m gone

As the title says…you can’t do enough for a good company!

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