Badger alert

Louis woke me early this morning by letting the cat out of the kitchen to become my 5:30am scratch alarm (one of many new tricks Louis has learned whilst dad is away). So we decided not to waste a lovely morning and set off for our walk a little earlier than usual.

As we went over to our nearest entrance to our walk I saw a young badger; the first in 21 years since we moved here. I got Louis to sit whilst the badger got through the gate and away down the valley. Louis, excitable and eager to follow, nearly ripped my hand off so I decided not to follow and went to another entrance.

I was in two minds whether to let him off his lead due to his hunt mode being activated. I let him off and to my delight he behaved. We had a great walk, also meeting one of his good friends, Ben. We added a little road walk to get Louis super tired which will allow me some prime pamper time.

I noticed a little blog from dad, I’ll let Louis know you’ve been on line. We miss you lots.

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