Louis enjoys his playtime and is always up for a game of tug in the back garden, or anywhere for that matter. He has a play on every morning walk and then, throughout the day, he regularly turns up wherever you are in the house or the garden armed with the tug toy between his teeth.

This is then dropped at your feet, picked up, dropped again, picked up, thrown at the floor with force ad nauseam until you finally give in and start the game.

Here’s a pic of Sue and Louis playing in the back garden this weekend just gone.

Playtime for Louis
Playtime for Louis

He can quite easily drag Sue around (not me – I still have a distinct inertial advantage weight wise over him). Plus he has four-paw drive which, especially on soft ground, give him enormous traction.

Sue’s tactic to thwart his superior pulling power is to run at him and he can’t back up fast enough (his reverse gearing is too low). This always works. As I’m a male I cannot be allowed to be beaten by a hound so he thwarts my better pulling strength by tugging and spinning round clockwise with me at the centre. I get dizzy and then use Sue’s tactic.

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