Only the bonely

We bought Louis a hambone yesterday; the first one for a long, long time. I now remember why we don’t buy them very often.

First thing he tries to do is find an escape route out of the house to go and bury it.

Second thing, once his escape routes are blocked, he settles down to give the bone a good seeing to.

This is where the problem starts – he gets very possessive of the bloody thing. We always worked on taking his food away and letting him have it back when he was younger. There’s no problem there. With a bone it’s a different matter.

We had to be extremely firm with him to get the bone off him and he grumbled a bit. The bone got put in a bag and binned and he wasn’t happy about that – there was much backtracking and trying to curry favour plus much use of the sad face and eyes.

Needless to say he won’t be getting a hambone for the foreseeable future. I suppose you could say he’s in the doghouse.

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