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04 Jan

It shouldn’t happen to a vet

Poor old Louis was back at the vets first thing this morning; he’s still suffering from this tummy bug caused by a probable duck overdose. Yesterday he was almost back to normal but this morning he was very “morose”. (It’s difficult not to imprint human characteristics on Louis but you don’t have to be a vet or dog psychologist to know that your hound is down.)

So, more thermometers up the Khyber Pass, more injections, and general tummy prodding. It’s not easy when all you want to do is make him better but he doesn’t see it that way!

He’s now on a special diet so there’s no scraps and no treats. Today is the last day before going back to work so I did a full Sunday roast. From the moment the oven door opened half way through the cooking Louis camped out in the kitchen like a January 1st bargain hunter. He’s still in there now whilst Sue tidies up. (Before there’s a cry of sexism let’s remember that I’m the one that has slaved over a hot stove whilst Sue slobbed in the lounge.) You feel bad not giving him treats but it’s for the best.

Louis will have to behave food wise for about ten days but we’ll have to behave as well. Avoiding eye contact is the key; one look at him and I defy anyone not to give in!

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