Chewy Louis

We’ve been very lucky with Louis; he’s never really chewed or damaged anything that didn’t belong to him.

He does have a habit of spotting stuff and then deciding it needs checking out. Louis checks a lot of things out by having a chew on it. Plastic, paper, Smudge the cat’s furballs, anything on the floor basically.

Your instinct is to try and get it but if you show the remotest interest then he thinks you’re going to take it off him and he tries to hide. The best thing to do is leave him; he’ll find out it’s inedible and then give up on it.

That’s why we didn’t bother when he picked something up yesterday off the kitchen floor. I wish we had.

Do you think this will still work?
Do you think this will still work?

Yes this is a phone SIM card, Sue’s in fact. She dropped her phone yesterday and the back came off plus the battery fell out. We didn’t notice at the time but the SIM popped out and disappeared under the kitchen table. Louis found it though and investigated it thoroughly, with his teeth. In case you’re wondering I tried it and, no, it didn’t work. A new SIM card is on its way from the nice people at Vodafone.

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