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29 Jan

Cat flap catastrophe

Another visit to the vets for Louis yesterday, this time with a cat flap around his neck. In the end he was given an injection to calm him down and the cat flap was cut off him.

He’s had the cat flap around his neck before – this was when we used to put him in the kitchen if we were out. After the first incident I made a plastic slide that covered the flap on the inside. This is off the rest of the time to allow Smudge in and out.

Yesterday, however, he heard a banging noise at the side of the house (Andy & Sandy next door are having some work done.) He shot off to investigate but, as usual, his hound brakes don’t work well and he powered through the cat flap with such force that he became stuck.

Needless to say I won’t be fitting another cat flap in its place. Sue tells me he was panicking a lot – Sue’s ended up with quite a few scratches off the sharp plastic and Louis’ helping claws as she tried to get the cat flap off him. She got him in the back of my car and went to the vets – I now have the jobs of fixing something over the hole and also getting all the hound hairs off the back seat.

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