Red means danger…

Louis can now forecast the weather. If we are getting ready to go out for a walk and his red dog coat appears it means the weather is going to be miserable.

The dog coat is red; I know he doesn’t see colours the way we do so he must associate the coat itself with bad weather and getting wet and cold.

Tonight he was all anxious about going out, following me to the front door. Then the dog coat came out and he was off like the proverbial rocket. He disappeared into the kitchen and onto his bed. When I cornered him there he tried to escape under the kitchen table but couldn’t find a way through the chair legs.

His forecast was right – it was nasty out there. Frosty and therefore very slippy. Then it started to sleet. Louis doesn’t like getting his head wet so he regularly uses the person on the other end of the lead to rub his head against and dry himself.

The ultimate revenge is his anyway as, when he gets back in the house, he shakes himself and redecorates the hall.

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