Androcles and the lion…

We had our own Aesop’s fable last night. Sue returned from the evening walk early as Louis had started limping part way round.

We couldn’t see anything obvious in his paw but, on closer inspection with a torch I could see what looked like a piece of glass. Louis was very good through all of this but we put his muzzle on at this point just in case he didn’t view what was coming next too kindly.

I tried to get it out with a pair of tweezers but had no joy. It was obviously a nasty piece of glass as Louis was pretty jumpy with it. He’s pretty good in his muzzle but you can’t help but feel bad as he looks at you.

Anyway; the use of tweezers must be a girlie thing as Sue managed to get a grip on the very end of the offending piece. One second later we had a piece of glass out that was between 8 and 10mm in length; no wonder he was unhappy. Two seconds later the muzzle was off and Louis was bounding around again. To make us feel better he got given loads of Schmako treats.

The amount of glass on the pavements has got worse since the local authorities started recycling collections. Glass is recycled on alternate Tuesdays and that evening usually ends up with quite a few sections of the pavement covered in glass. Very Victor Meldrew of me I know but I am getting old so can therefore moan and complain without worry.

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