Fox & Hound – Part 2

Louis saw the fox again this morning. We’d just finished playing fetch on the fields and fed him his end of walk sausage treat. Sue had got his lead back on and we set off. On the other side of the field a fox was returning to the valley.

Unfortunately Sue hadn’t wrapped the lead round her hand and Louis shot off like a rocket once he caught sight of the fox. She didn’t have a chance of holding him. (Actually it was probably fortunate Sue didn’t have a good grip as he would have caught her off balance and she’d have been dumped in the mud!)

He can shift when he wants and he was over the other side of the field in seconds; the fox couldn’t decide which way to scarper but settled on his original course. Louis followed him into the bushes at the end of the field and lost him. I was worried about the lead that Louis was trailing behind him in case it snagged. He came out pretty quickly and, of course, you can’t tell him off.

Part of his gold award is the “Stop” command which is supposed to stop him in his tracks. I think we need to work on that one a bit more!

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