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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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23 Nov

Louis’ Treats

This is Louis looking suitably innocent after destroying a rawhide treat. At the moment his treats are pig’s ear, tripe and rawhide. He gets a treat most nights when we’re ready to settle down with a glass of wine but he still wants to play.

All of his treats drive him mad for about half an hour. If you give him the treat in the kitchen he runs off with it and then drops it. This is followed by lots of approaching the treat and then jumping back and spinning round like crazy.

Louis on his rug

Louis on his rug

The rawhide treat is good as it’s innocuous to us; it’s also shaped like a sweetie, more for our benefit than his. The pig’s ear is a bit of a make you wince treat due to the noise he makes when he finally gets round to devouring it. The tripe, well we pray that he finishes that one off as quickly as possible as it has a particularly “interesting” aroma.

The picture’s a good one for showing off his ridge. Hours and hours of back-combing.

14 Nov

Louis’ Nose…

I’m not saying that Louis is fussy but…

Last night we were having steak for tea (this diet is tough!). We’d trimmed the steak and cooked the trimmings for Louis. These were left to cool so we had some treats to give Louis whilst we had our tea. (At the moment we’re training Louis to go to his bed whilst we eat and he’s rewarded with food.)

Anyway – when I went back in the kitchen Louis decided to follow me. I went to his biscuit tin to get him a treat and tried to make him sit for it. He, on the other hand, felt that the biccie was no where near as interesting as the steak bits on the table. He ignored the biccie and placed his snout on the table as close as he could get to the steak bits.

I wish I could have video’d him at this point. I know I’m probably guilty of imprinting “human” characteristics but in my mind he was saying “A biscuit, a fri#ken’ biscuit – there’s steak over there you two-legged buffoon.”

Yea, he got his steak.

08 Nov

Fox & Hound – Part 2

Louis saw the fox again this morning. We’d just finished playing fetch on the fields and fed him his end of walk sausage treat. Sue had got his lead back on and we set off. On the other side of the field a fox was returning to the valley.

Unfortunately Sue hadn’t wrapped the lead round her hand and Louis shot off like a rocket once he caught sight of the fox. She didn’t have a chance of holding him. (Actually it was probably fortunate Sue didn’t have a good grip as he would have caught her off balance and she’d have been dumped in the mud!)

He can shift when he wants and he was over the other side of the field in seconds; the fox couldn’t decide which way to scarper but settled on his original course. Louis followed him into the bushes at the end of the field and lost him. I was worried about the lead that Louis was trailing behind him in case it snagged. He came out pretty quickly and, of course, you can’t tell him off.

Part of his gold award is the “Stop” command which is supposed to stop him in his tracks. I think we need to work on that one a bit more!

02 Nov

We need another sofa…

This is typical Louis trying to steal the sofa. He’ll skooch on the sofa but he isn’t very good at fractions and working out where the halfway line is. Before you know it he’s kicked you off.

Louis taking over the sofa

Louis taking over the sofa

I’ve been busy in the garden cleaning the pond ready for winter. That entails flushing the filters and the pipes discharge into one of the borders. The idea was to keep Louis inside whilst this was done. I had the patio doors shut and the curtains pulled across.

He had other ideas.

I could see this snout pushing the curtains to one side and then he was watching the proceedings. Eventually I had to let him out. He then dug the border and covered himself in mud which is now trailed all over the house and, unfortunately, the sofas.