Fox & Hound

No, we’ve not been off to the pub. Boy wonder hound caught sight of a fox on the fields this morning. We’d just finished playing with Louis and his throw toy and got him back on his lead; normally an easy task as he knows he gets sausages or other such treats at the end of his walk.

Then we saw a fox, a young one I would guess (it was just before dawn so hard to see clearly). Louis saw it too and “expressed a desire to pop over and say hello” in his own inimitable style. He’s on a normal collar at the moment as this is what he needs to wear whilst he’s doing his Canine Good Citizen Silver.

The little @&~#er knows that if he pulls he gets nowhere; he also knows if he’s fast and takes a few steps back the collar slackens and he can then shake it loose. He’s done this just once before and we’ve now learnt his trick.

Anyway he was off like a shot and Sue’s “Stop” (which will form part of his Gold test if we get that far) went unheeded; I was that surprised by the speed of it all that I could only think of one four letter word and it wasn’t “Stop”.

The fox decided not to say hello and legged it. Louis was back in less than a minute having tried to work out where the fox had gone and lost the trail.

We praised the little @&~#er when he came back; that’s one rule we remembered.

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