Avocado Adventure…

After living here for 20 years Sue has had enough of waiting for avocado to come back in fashion. I would have waited another 10 years but the decision has been made to do the bathroom. We did decorate it within the first few years which included tiling and swapping the position of the loo and the basin over and installing a shower. I decorated paint and paper wise some time back as well.

I didn’t know that avocado was a no-no; not unsurprising as I’m not a follower of fashion. Anyway we’ve ordered the new (white) suite and that should arrive this Wednesday.

I’ve started work and ripped the bath out and got the tiles off. We found some interesting decoration that must have gone in with the avocado – take a look at this:-

Lovely seventies decoration
Lovely seventies decoration

The black tiles must be from when the house was originally built – I still dig fragments of black tile up in the back garden which must be from when they were ripped out to go orange!

I also had to do some plumbing. I don’t mind compression fittings but haven’t soldered since the days of training at Henry Simons. The result of my soldering is not pretty but it hasn’t leaked so far – touch wood.

Louis was fine yesterday whilst I ripped the bath out and SDS’d the tiles off. Slept through the lot. Today, however, he moped about at the bottom of the stairs whimpering.

The bath is now cut up into bits and will be heading to the tip tomorrow. It’s time to relax with a beer.

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  1. At least I now know what you are doing ! Your communication leaves a lot to be desired at times !!!I assume this is your bathroom !Where did you put all the girlie magazines?


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