We love Bank Holidays…

It’s the last Bank Holiday of the year coming up on Monday so we have a nice three day break. It’s great but also bad in a way as it’s the last one before Christmas and it’s nothing but work and the nights closing in ahead of us.

That makes us determined to enjoy it so we’ll be barbecuing later on after taking Boy Wonder Hound out for his early evening walk. Louis has no shows this weekend so it’s unadulterated play time blended with sleep.

We left Louis in the house this morning to go get some shopping done. Louis is good at going in the kitchen but he senses when we’re getting ready to go out without him and he usually dives in his den and hunkers down.

After shopping we put the stuff away and then got ready to go round and see the parents. Louis wasn’t getting left a second time and promptly parked himself by the front door. Sue took him off the corner to water a tree whilst I got the car sorted for him. Many dogs don’t like getting in cars; not Louis. From 50 yards away Louis set off racing for the boot, with Sue in tow and no chance of stopping him. He launched in and I thought he was going to go clean over the back seats but his brakes worked ok.

Anyway it’s time to go grab a beer and think about going for a walk. šŸ˜›

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