Louis and the heat

:-)bh I don’t know how Ridgebacks handle the heat in far off lands, Louis turns into a sleepy lump. We go for our morning run round then he’s pooped for the day. We go out late evening and that’s because I force him. We went to Leeds on Monday and Louis did very well; he … Read more

Summer snoozing…

Here’s a few pictures of the household in their usual, hyperactive, mode. First of all there’s the cat… Then there’s the hound… And then there’s the finest exponent of the art of afternoon napping, Suzy… This is what usually greets me when I get home from work. I have to tip-toe around the place so … Read more

Two weeks of bliss

😆 Louis and Andy have had a relaxing two weeks; no work for Andy and no shows for Louis. Camping, walking and generally enjoying each others company; it’s knocked ten years off Andy. I’m enjoying my new job in the local sweetie shop; 12 hours a week playing with customers. The down side is I … Read more

On top of the world…

I let Suzy have a lie-in this morning and took Boy Wonder Hound out at 6am for a boy’s walk down the valley. Once Suzy had risen we set off for another walk in Lyme Park as it was such a glorious morning. You could tell that Louis was perplexed with two walks so close … Read more