Watch out…..there’s a thief about…

We’ve got a strawberry plant in a big pot on the patio that has delivered summer fruit for quite some years. We don’t do anything with it and it shares its pot with some other plants whose seeds have landed there over the years. Despite this it provides a small crop of absolutely delicious strawberries.

The evidence
The evidence

This year, however, we have a thief in our midst. We don’t normally lose any strawberries as the pot is by the patio wall and birds won’t come that close. I went to pick a strawberry the other day and spotted a beautiful, juicy, bright red one as I stood over the plant. I bent down to pick it and discovered that most of it was missing. Somebody or something had sliced off the bottom half. I wondered who/what that could be.

A couple of days later we spotted the culprit. Yes – it was boy wonder hound. He had his face in the pot and was delicately excising the best part of the fruit. Considering the size of his teeth he did a pretty good job as the photo shows.

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