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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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08 Jun

Harmony at last

This picture portrays a calm, harmonious relationship between Louis and Smudge. Most of the time it is but they have their moments. I remember the night Louis was brought home and we were in the dining room with him whilst he was asleep in his dog basket. Smudge came in through the kitchen and I swear she did a double take as she caught sight of him. “What the @#$& is that?” she mawked.

This is my half of the sofa

This is my half of the sofa

Since then they have learnt to tolerate each other providing Smudge does not try to get food before Louis. She has even been mad enough to settle down under Louis’ food & water bowls.

Louis also hates it if he can see her outside the house as his instinct must be telling him that a lower pack member is out on the loose and needs herding back in or defending.

Smudge on the other hand has learnt that size does not matter and regularly stands her ground; not bad for a 16 year old cat. She knows the worst thing she can do is run as that invites a chase by the hound. If any other cat gets near Smudge and Louis is around he makes short work of chasing it off.

This picture was taken a short while after Louis fell asleep on the sofa and Smudge decided that she wanted her half. Needless to say Louis woke up.

03 Jun

Mr Majestic

We’re doing a bit more training with Louis at the moment. He did Obedience as a puppy but then moved on to Ringcraft for his showing. It’s time to get back to the obedience again. We have been practising in the back garden and getting him to do his sits, downs, waits and finishes. He’s very good even though we’ve not done much of this for quite a while. I’m sure he would do a sit-stay for five or ten minutes with no problem providing there was something worth waiting for as a reward at the end of it!

Me? I'm a Regal Rhodesian Ridgeback

Me? I

Consequently we have been out in the back garden a lot more enjoying the warmer, and occasionally, drier weather so the above is a picture of Boy Wonder Hound looking rather regal. It was taken after an impromptu training session and you can tell by the way he’s not looking at the camera that he realises there’s nothing left to eat.

01 Jun

Louis likes bbqs

The weather was good yesterday; so much so that we decided to barbecue as did Pete & Josie, our next door neighbours, who were joined by Pete’s family. Louis likes the smell of cooking meat so was hovering around in the back garden whilst we enjoyed a few beers over the fence.

Pete finished cooking first so Louis stuck his head over the fence and looked forlorn for long enough to get them feeling sorry for him. He ended up with a couple of beef burgers so was very happy with the effort/outcome equation.

Louis likes Pete & Josie very much; he always gets a good scruffling off Pete and he likes giving Josie a kiss. He’s calmed down a bit now he’s a little older but when he was younger the sound of their voices would prompt a scramble to get to the fence as quickly as possible and get up on his hind legs so he could stick his head over (it’s a 4 foot fence). As he launched at the fence it would bow and creak so we were worried he would one day go straight through it. I ended up liberating a sheet of 8mm plastic sheeting the same size as the fence panel and fitting that on it. It still bows but can’t break. At least that’s the theory.