Harmony at last

This picture portrays a calm, harmonious relationship between Louis and Smudge. Most of the time it is but they have their moments. I remember the night Louis was brought home and we were in the dining room with him whilst he was asleep in his dog basket. Smudge came in through the kitchen and I … Read more

Mr Majestic

We’re doing a bit more training with Louis at the moment. He did Obedience as a puppy but then moved on to Ringcraft for his showing. It’s time to get back to the obedience again. We have been practising in the back garden and getting him to do his sits, downs, waits and finishes. He’s … Read more

Louis likes bbqs

The weather was good yesterday; so much so that we decided to barbecue as did Pete & Josie, our next door neighbours, who were joined by Pete’s family. Louis likes the smell of cooking meat so was hovering around in the back garden whilst we enjoyed a few beers over the fence. Pete finished cooking … Read more