Louis on parade…

Louis was on show today at the Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Show up in Kelso, Scotland.

He came first in his class which is excellent news. It was an early start for Sue, leaving the house around half four. We were debating whether he should go or not due to the fuel tanker strike.

Louis is now sparko on the sofa – it’s a long day for all involved. I do think that he enjoys the shows; there’s always lots going on.

With my little hound helper out of the way I’ve managed to get quite a few jobs in the back garden done including de-rusting and spraying the chimenea with heat resistant paint.

I could have done the jobs with Louis around but he would be asleep on the sofa at this moment completely black from nose to tail instead of his true red wheaten colour!

1 thought on “Louis on parade…”

  1. Why didn’t you drive them ?
    You can come over here and fix my chimenea if you wish ! Mine is terracotta but is about to fall into a hundred pieces!


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