Louis likes bbqs

The weather was good yesterday; so much so that we decided to barbecue as did Pete & Josie, our next door neighbours, who were joined by Pete’s family. Louis likes the smell of cooking meat so was hovering around in the back garden whilst we enjoyed a few beers over the fence.

Pete finished cooking first so Louis stuck his head over the fence and looked forlorn for long enough to get them feeling sorry for him. He ended up with a couple of beef burgers so was very happy with the effort/outcome equation.

Louis likes Pete & Josie very much; he always gets a good scruffling off Pete and he likes giving Josie a kiss. He’s calmed down a bit now he’s a little older but when he was younger the sound of their voices would prompt a scramble to get to the fence as quickly as possible and get up on his hind legs so he could stick his head over (it’s a 4 foot fence). As he launched at the fence it would bow and creak so we were worried he would one day go straight through it. I ended up liberating a sheet of 8mm plastic sheeting the same size as the fence panel and fitting that on it. It still bows but can’t break. At least that’s the theory.

2 thoughts on “Louis likes bbqs”

  1. Next door must be very brave , you should be giving them beer !!!If I were them Id be putting up a colditz style fence !
    A certain hound and Mrs B were spotted walking up Jacksons lane one day this week !
    Such stunning news even reaches the Antipodes !
    My source commented that Louis was very well behaved ! What about Sue ?


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