Louis was on parade yet again this Saturday at the Blackpool Championship Show. He came fourth in his class so no rosette this time. :-)bg The weather was appalling, wind and rain and it was an outdoor show.

When Sue and Louis got home they were chilled to the core which is not good considering it’s summer and was also the longest day. Global warming, I’m not so sure, so on went the central heating – in June!

Whilst it didn’t really rain today it was bloody windy and we had an enjoyable walk round to the folks across the golf course whilst branches were being blown off.

Louis is doing obedience lessons on Thursday now and is working to getting his bronze canine good citizen award. We’ll see how it goes as we would like (him) to go on and do the silver and the gold. We practice his “waits” in the back garden and he is really very good. One of the things we would like to improve is his recall. He’s very good when he’s focussed but if his mind is on other things (?joggers?) then it’s a different matter. If he goes for his gold award he has to be able to do a recall under distracting circumstances; that should be interesting!

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