Weather forecasters…

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend – the first Early May Bank Holiday I’ve been home for in about 7 years as I’m usually in the US for a trade show (that’s now next week, Orlando this year, someone’s gotta do it). I checked the weather forecast for round here on Friday; the weather then was … Read more

Bank Holiday fun

Louis pooped, lying in the middle of the wooden floor. I love it when he is settled and I’m sure he’s enjoyed his day. Andy is full of man flu and unable to partake on our rambles.  :-)cy I went to see Louis’ half brothers and sisters on Saturday, Dean Sawyer and his lovely wife … Read more


This is a close up of yesterday’s blog pic which shows one of the girlies doing a pretty good Gremlins impression after breaking the three rules of water, bright light and feeding after midnight. Seeing those needle like teeth takes me back to when Louis was a wee Gremlin. I also remember those frightening moments … Read more