Japan, tosh, we’ve been to Tatton Park

Andy’s been away for two days, boy and I’m missing him lots. To ensure Louis suffers no mental trauma whilst dad travels I fill his days from 6.30am till he drops at 8.00pm. First day we went on our usual morning walk, Louis was rather impolite to a really well behaved Rottie, he did listen and came away and I apologised to the lovely lady but if any body has any suggestions I would appreciate them. He gets on with puppies and small dogs and girls, it’s just big boys. I should add he has never had a fight and that’s how it should be. We had a lovely walk in Tatton park in the afternoon. I use the long lead for this walk as I don’t let him loose with sheep, deer and cattle of any type. Our evening walk consisted of a tour round Bramhall. Louis sleeps between walks allowing me to get on with the chores and any visiting I need to do. He’s a great companion, the best but we still need Mr B home to share our days. 😳

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