The Monduri Pack

Well the pups are nearly old enough to go to their new families. Chris is having a posh photo by Dean Sawyer on Saturday, I don’t know how he will get all the babes to cooperate. I’m going to watch and learn. Chris has done wonders; the pups are so wonderful and healthy. This picture … Read more

Louis’ girlfriends

Louis has several platonic girlfriends he plays with in the morning. Since his favourite girlfriend Tilly moved he’s become close to a very gorgeous gun dog called Lilly; she’s fast and rather smart. Another one of Louis ladies is Tinks; she’s full of mischief, she looks like a Parson’s Terrier. Then there’s Molly, a little … Read more

Home again…

Back from Japan after a long 24 hour door to door journey. Managed to get three seats to myself on the main leg from Tokyo to Paris so I could stretch out a bit. I swear Louis has a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to me arriving home. Actually it’s probably his … Read more

Show Time

Fantastic day, Louis was on form from 5am till home time 8pm. The way he jumps into the car to go showing and settles for the journey makes me sure he loves his trips out. Chris and the boy worked so well together; they glide when Louis is in the ring. He gained a first … Read more