How difficult can a blog be?

I wanted to create a blog for Louis (in the full knowledge that probably I’m the only one going to be reading the thing anyway). I didn’t want to use anything that wasn’t on my server and did some investigating.

Choices were limited as I found out my cheap hosting package doesn’t support MySql which most of the biggie applications needed.

I eventually found Greymatter, a nice piece of software. It wasn’t easy for a novice like me to get to grips with (my fault, not Greymatter’s) and I still haven’t integrated it as well as I would like into Louis’ webpage but it seems to work well.

1 thought on “How difficult can a blog be?”

  1. I’ve since moved to using WordPress. I was looking for more of a CMS for the other static elements of the website and WordPress suited. Greymatter was great as it needed no database and the help forum was a perfect example of how a forum should be.


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