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Found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin. Sorted out a new one and the videos are now back up and running. This gave us the opportunity to laugh at the old boy. After all he was 8 on the 27th December!

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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02 Feb

Avant Garde Hound

Louis has been a bit “out of sorts” recently so we have been pampering him a little. He’s off to the V—E—T—S tomorrow for his annual jabs and a nail trim so he should be a happy bunny as the girls that work in the V—E—T—S spoil him rotten.

We know he’s feeling better as he turned up whilst we were cooking the Sunday roast; lamb this week.

Here he is keeping a close eye on the proceedings:-

Louis keeping a close eye on what's going on.

Louis keeping a close eye on what’s going on.

You can see some of Louis’ day to day trappings in this picture. There’s the Xmas hat that forms part of his postprandial routine whereby he grabs the hat and spins around like a lunatic for ten minutes. There’s also a tea towel that is an absolute health & safety requirement if Louis is watching whilst food is being prepared. That tea towel is our hazard spillage clear up kit. Louis’ dribble whilst we are eating is incessant so some form of mop up kit is essential.

01 Jan

Louis Doesn’t Share Presents

Louis got a new toy for Christmas from Sharon (thank you!).

He was pushing it with his snout whilst it was being opened – the hound has no manners and no patience.

As soon as it was revealed he grabbed it and ran off. There was about 5 minutes of staring at it coupled with mad spinning around and then he decided it needed to be buried so he went to the back door. No way was he being let out for this so we tried to get the toy off him.

This is what we were presented with; no eye contact and face turned away:-

Louis not being a team player with his new toy.

Louis not being a team player with his new toy.

One week later and the toy is by the back door whilst he waits for his moment when we aren’t watching him closely. At that time it will suffer the same fate as his Santa hat which gets buried a few times a year.

08 Dec

Plausible Paws

We’ve been so. so busy over the last month or so; non-stop in fact.

Anyway, things have settled down again and we have a chance to catch our breath.

Our furry friend has been a trooper; taking advantages of walks when they are there and comforting us when we’ve been pre-occupied with things.

Here’s a pic of Louis settled on one of his many sofas:-

Plausible Paws

Plausible Paws

He looks likes he’s welded to it.

09 Oct

Looks Comfy

We’re still busy decorating – over two years in the new house now and we have still not got round all the rooms.

The lounge and dining room are getting close now – hopefully they’ll be ready in a few weeks as we just have the doors between the two rooms to do followed by the flooring of both.

They have been the two most difficult rooms as we use them daily and have done the decorating without abandoning them.

Louis has stoically put up with all the noise, dust, paint smells etc along with his segregation from areas of these rooms whilst paint dries. The front window is still out of bounds much to his disgust.

However our furry friend has the unswerving knack of being where the action is. Here is settled down on a pile of dust sheets in the dining room surrounding by bare floors.

Louis looking comfy.

Louis looking comfy.

The object to his left on the floor is actually Louis’ Xmas hat which he more often than not picks up after his dinner and tries to sneak outside to hide it.