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Found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin. Sorted out a new one and the videos are now back up and running. This gave us the opportunity to laugh at the old boy. After all he was 8 on the 27th December!

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

See Bits & Bobs for more...

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24 Dec

Louis couldn’t wait

Sharon bought Louis a Christmas pressie, a stocking selection of doggie treats.

Louis is still struggling with the concept of dates so he had his head in the bag straightaway.

He’s already had some turkey and cranberry biscuit bones and is looking for more.

Louis and his Xmas pressie

Louis trying to look nonchalant

As you can see he’s trying his best not to look too interested in the treats but the fact that he has camped out just one foot away from them kind of gives the game away. I don’t fancy his chances in a game of poker.

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